Friday, December 4, 2009

Changing luck?

I think I was jinxed yesterday. Had some bad luck all the way, no cabs, late for dinner, late for shopping, no warm shower and thrown some rotten bananas. Sigh.

Woke up late today, stuck in a jam, running late to meet the vice president of the company and a cab wanted to charge me 250peso (RM25) for my ride, where the average is around 65-85peso (RM6.50-rm8.50). What a day! He told me it was Friday and I raised my eyebrow and told him, forget it ... I work on Friday and I don't get paid extra 250peso!

I waited for another cab and had the average charge billed to me. Rushed to the office, my vice president texted and said she will be late too. I quickly checked my pass MBA unit results and I got a Distinction for it! Woosh! Changing luck?

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