Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bye Bye Manila

I am at Clark airport now. Yeap they have wifi here! Damn cool...

Woke up about 530 am this morning and had been traveling since. Driver drove me from my accommodation to the bus terminal, waited for the bus, then the bumpy 1 1/2 hours bus ride to Clark Airport at Pampanga, then 30min to check-in and waited about another 1 1/2 hours for boarding and now I anticipate the 4 hour flight back to LCCT and the 40min ride back home. Gosh, traveling like this is a huge headache and definitely tiring. Gone a FULL DAY!

I just hope next time I get to at least fly into Manila. It saves time I am sure. If I ever get to come back that is. Well, I better pack up my laptop and send our my final bye-bye SMSes to all my work colleagues at Manila. Boarding the plane in less than 10 minutes. See you guys back in KL, can't wait to hit the gym after the delicious Philippine meals I had here... hehe

Pictures later!

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