Thursday, April 5, 2007

Truly Amazing

It's amazing! I log onto my stat counter and realize that there are still people reading my blog! AMAZING!

I have to say that the numbers had drop to a close 70% but I suppose I am not the only one. If you take 15min to explore the blogger tabs on the right, you will realize that even the most frequent blogger has ... erm ... halt in blogging.


My only guess - The government or rather hypocritical organizations are suing bloggers. But I truly believe, that is not the reason. Everyone just got busy ... with life.

I wonder does Kennysia and XiaXue still blogs as often?

Soon ... No one will be blogging. Another ICQ case


  1. kinda sad... and probably true


  2. = will =
    i just read yr blog & yr stat counter shd clock another hit.

    u just keep blogging & there =will= be people reading yr "worthwhile" ? rambling ...

    cheers !