Saturday, April 21, 2007

The photography quest ...

Nikon? Canon? D40? The new D40X? Expensive? No? Which is better? Canon! Which is clearer? Nikon. Rebel 350D? I prefer the Rebel 400D! Rebel's lenses are shitty! Nikon lenses are better! But Nikon has manual focus! Canon has more reliable lenses? No? Yes! Other brands? Nah ~ Shitty. Price? Similiar ... Focals? Aperture? Speed? Best recommended lens : EF 24-70, f2.8 = but it is 3 months my salary! Cheaper ones = not recommended. Sigma? Awaiting news? Erm ... 1500RM ok kua? Can right? Awaiting answer ... Humidity counts? Humidity matters? A country like Malaysia how? No difference? Got! Got meh? Not sure ... -_-"' Using for? Potrait? Landscape? Potrait and landscape? Macro! I like macro shots. Lighting? Dark lighting needs smaller f.28. Borrow lighting lo! Here is where I thank Eva! Muax# love you babe. But f2.8 is safest to get. If substitute with add-on flash? Add on cash! Huh? Total calculation for Camera =

*press calculator



with crumpler bag ...

Sigh* Expensive hobby ... and this is only the beginning

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