Friday, January 19, 2007

Urg - Void

I have not been writing. There are many reasons to it, but I am not keen on sharing. I suppose that part of me prefer to just keep things quiet. Weird huh?

*cough cough*

Believe it or not, for the past few days I really feel down. It’s like everything is wrong. Whatever I do, whatever I think – it’s all wrong. I am not too sure whether it is caused by the Maxis interview, the fact that I am growing up and I feel like a child, the ever gloomy-rainy weather, my friends, me-myself, health issues or even my family’s expectation. I am not sure. I know I feel so lost and empty. It’s like my life has suddenly turned into an empty void. A silent vacuum.

There are so many things running in my head right now and I feel like banging it on the wall. As the result, I ended up sleeping with a headache and waking up with one that is worse than the night before. Maybe I shouldn't think too much ...

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I am not too sure what is happening to me. I need to rearrange my thoughts – maybe try to be a little more optimistic and cheerful. Thanks Kenny for accompanying me in the arcade today!

*A HURK ... "*!@$^&!
Gosh – my cough is tearing my body apart


  1. i understand completely how u feel. we are at a turning point of our lives. we are now entering adulthood (for real) and i guess it's normal for us to feel the pressure. give it time, things will work out slowly. be strong andrew!